Competitive Soccer

Development Before Results


At Elsinore Soccer Club we are committed to producing players who can demonstrate advanced technical skills, those who place value on ball retention, and can perform at an aesthetically pleasing level, that is to play the game attractively, and who can navigate the game in multiple systems of play leading to a greater appreciation of the overall game.



In order for our club to best facilitate this commitment to our membership, we have created a systematic approach for teaching specific topical themes within the appropriate phases of the player’s psychological and physical timeline.


We have established development phases that are specific to the player and team’s age matrix. This allows us to develop players and teams at their appropriate rate and to only focus on the needed elements within this phase, very much how a student might learn math in school.

Our emphasis at all phases of player development is to stress individual player improvement and growth and to protect the tendency for players, parents, and coaches to solely focus on the results.

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