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 The questions below are the most asked questions.  

We hope this will help answer some questions. 


We encourage you to visit our website and register your player(s) online. 

Please review the Player Agreement and Disclosure.  

Birth Certificates are REQUIRED for any new players; if you are registering online you can email a picture or pdf to the League Registrar at ElsinoreSoccerRegistrar@gmail.com

How much does it cost to register my child? What is included in the registration fee?

Due to the fluctuation in prices between seasons, we have provided a link to the registration page that shows the current costs, registration dates, and what is included in the registration fees. 


How do I register my child?

There are multiple in-person registration dates, those specific dates and locations will be posted on our website as well as on our social media (Facebook and Instagram). 

In addition to in-person registration 


What field location will my player(s) practice be held?

If you sign up for one of the following divisions, your player will practice at the following field;

Players that sign up for our Canyon Hills Division will practice at Canyon Hills Sports Park or Creekside Park. 

Players that sign up for our Horsethief Canyon Division will practice by the clubhouse off of Mountian Road.

Players that sign up for our Lake Elsinore Divison will practice at Terra Cotta MS (Summerlake Park). 

Players that sign up for our Wildomar Divison will practice in Wildomar city limits. (Fields are undefined due to permits from the school district).

The practice time is up to the discretion of the coach. 


When and where will games be held?

Game locations include Alberhill Sports Park, Canyon Hills Park, Ronald Reagan Elementary, Wildomar Elementary, Horsethief Canyon, and Terra Cotta MS (addresses and directions to each location are found on our website). Game locations are outlined in the schedule provided for your team and age division.


What equipment will my child need?

Depending on what age group, your child will need a ball, shin guards, and soccer-specific cleats.

Size 3 ball: U5, U6, and U8

Size 4 ball: U10 and U12

Size 5 ball: U14 and U18


We’ve signed up our child and they’re so excited, now what?

When your application is received it will be inputted into our system and your player(s) will be assigned a team and a coach. Coaches generally receive their team packets approximately one week before the official start of practices, that date is listed on our registration page. Practices will start the week of March 2nd through March 5th.


My child no longer wants to play, how do I get a refund?

Refunds are only considered while registration is open, and refund requests made after registration is closed will not be considered. The deadline to request a full or partial refund is January 26, 2020. Refund requests received on or after January 27, 2020, will not be considered. Online convenience fees will be deducted from the refund.

How do I know which age group is appropriate for my child?

We have outlined the appropriate age division for players according to the child’s year of birth. 

For fall 2020 season:

Players born between 2017-2016 are considered U5

Players born in 2015 are considered U6

Players born between 2014-2013 are considered U8

Players born between 2012-2011 are considered U10

Players born between 2010-2009 are considered U12

Players born between 2008-2007 are considered U14

Players born between 2006-2003 are considered U18 


Players can play in an older age division but CANNOT go down an age division.


If there are low registration numbers for an age division, a player may be moved to the next higher age division. Parents will be notified before that decision is made and the move will only be done with parent permission/consent.


Can my children (siblings) be placed on the same team?

Yes, siblings can play on the same team if they are in the same age division (see How do I know which age group is appropriate for my child? for age matrix). United Academy will make every effort to honor sibling requests, but due to various factors, siblings may not be paired up as requested. 


How many games are there and when do they start?

There are 8 weeks of games included in the registration fees for the Spring season starting in March 2020. Please see our registration page for specific dates and details.


My coach hasn’t contacted me yet, when should I expect to hear from them?

Coaches are given their teams approximately one week prior to the start of practices and should be in contact with players shortly after. If you are having difficulties reaching your coach please email ElsinoreSoccerRegistrar@gmail.com to ensure your coach has the correct contact information for you.

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